Hotel Grotte del Paradiso, Island of Elba

Hotel Grotte del Paradiso - Nearby Beaches

There are around 100 beaches on the Island ... here are some close to our hotel, to give you an idea ...

Beach Le Ghiaie:
Isola d'Elba spiaggia Le Ghiaie
500 meters long beach famous for its white and black pebbles. The beach is located in Portoferraio under the Medici fortress. Public beach with lidos and services. Bars and restaurants.

Beach Capo Bianco:
Spiaggia Capo Bianco: isola d'Elba
on the northern coast of Portoferraio near to the beach of Le Ghiaie. It is a beach with white and black pebbles surrounded by white cliffs. Umbrella rental.

Beach Sansonne:
Spiaggia di Sansonne: isola d'Elba
one of the nost beautiful beaches on Elba for its white rocks. Parking along the main road, umbrella, bar and restaurant at 1 km.

Beach La Biodola:
Spiaggia della Biodola: isola d'Elba 750 meter long sandy beach, one of the most famous of the island. Umbrella, boat rental, bars, restaurants.

Beach Forno:
Spiaggia Forno: isola d'Elba
Small sandy beach in the Biodola creek. Small parking only, bar, restaurant.

Beach of Procchio:
Spiaggia di Procchio: isola d'Elba
The longest sandy beach on the northern coast of Elba with its 1.470 meters. Umbrella, boat rental, jet-ski, bars, restaurants.

Beach of Marina di Campo:
Spiaggia Marina di Campo: isola d'Elba
The longest sandy beach on the southern coast of Elba. Umbrella, sailing schools, boat rental, bar, restaurants.

Beach Lacona:
Spiaggia di Lacona: isola d'Elba
1.350 meter long sandy beach. Beach baths, umbrella and boat rental, diving, bars, restaurants

Beach Laconella:
Spiaggia Laconella: isola d'Elba
small beach near Lacona. Parking.

Beach Lido:
Spiaggia Lido: isola d'Elba
500 meter long sandy beach. Beach baths, umbrella and boat rental, bars, restaurants.