San Giovanni
Thermal Baths

Our hotel is situated less than 1 km away from the San Giovanni Thermal Baths

The ideal place thus for the so-called "health weeks". The Thermal Baths of San Giovanni offer a whole series of applications: from the anti-stress cure to the anti-smog cure, of the handling of the Zellulite up to the slimness cure.

The area of application depends on the type of the used raw material: the sea mud is used for the handling by arthrosis, rheumatism illnesses, acne and shed lichen; the algae and sea plants converted to the bath salts and the salt bromine and iodic waters, show themselves as very effective in the bath therapy, in the mudtherapie und in the handling of other complaints.

The center has also a department for underwater massages: the Talassotherapy enriched with extracts of algae and sea plants applies in the anti-stress handling, with slimness cures with patients with circulation disturbs within the area of the lower member masses. Iodio and salty water is efficient in the handling of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory system (sinus, rinitis and bronchitis).